Monday, March 31, 2014

Very blessed

Dear family and friends,
It has been a great week. We have been blessed with so many things and it is impossible to name them all. One of the goals that we had this week was that we would have members come teach and testify with us. 

We had some appointments set up ad a member, Tony, agreed to come. just before the lessons, Tony text-ed us saying that his car had some problems with it so that he couldn't come . We were a disappointed because The lessons are not going to go as well without having members testify with us. Our goals and plans were disrupted. We were traveling to our appointment on a crowded bus, usually, that is a good chance to talk with people and get their phone numbers and teach them. However, temptation came to me telling me that I should not do that. Our plans are already ruined and there is no reason for us to take the risk of being rejected and lower our morale even more. 

I saw a Chinese girl sitting on the seat just next to the rear exit of the bus. I knew that it is my duty to talk with everyone and share the gospel. Even though Satan tempted me not to, I decided to go talk to her. Just when I was about to talk to her, to my surprise, she waved at me. She introduced herself in Mandarin that she is a member from the Bayview Ward. She just happened to be on that bus that day. It was not a usual route that she takes and she was surprised to see Elders on the bus. I told her that we were going to teach some investigators and invited her to join us. She ended up teaching three lessons with us that day and her testimony really brought the Spirit unto our investigators' hearts. 

I am very grateful for Heavenly Father's arrangement and I know that he listens. I recognized it. I know that it was a test. If I didn't have the discipline to push myself to be obedient, we would not have had such Spiritual power in our lessons. I am grateful that I passed this test. 

How many tests have we failed and failed to recognize because of our weaknesses and unworthiness? May we all be humble and allow the Spirit of the Lord to work through us unhindered. 
Elder Lee

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