Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teaching in Cantonese is great!

Dear family and friends,
How are you all?

This week has been another good week. It hasn't been too crazy but we have been improving and making progress bit by bit. We have been spending a lot of time just talking with people on the streets and teaching them. This transfer is already half way over and we are working pretty hard so that we can see baptisms at the end of this transfer.
Teaching in Cantonese is great. Elder Hendricks is still working hard in learning Cantonese even though it is not hard to understand him at all!

We are constantly looking for referrals from so send us some if you know anyone who lives in Toronto(or nearby)!

Elder Lee

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Stone is Rolling Forward!‏

Dear family and friends,
This week has been a good week. This area is prospering and we are finding joy in the work. Elder Hendricks and I have been talking with a lot of people everyday and are teaching people on the streets. A lot of times the people we contact are Mandarin speakers. So my Mandarin is definitely improving. It is amazing to see how humble Chinese people are sometimes and how the Lord has worked on them before. Not too rarely do we find someone who is very prepared and it is very exciting and spiritually uplifting for us.
I have been thinking a lot about our callings as missionaries recently. Through the experiences I gained from here, I know that God really does help us, EVERYDAY. The conviction behind our voices and the feeling of the Holy Ghost testifies of the real reason why we do the work: to guide His children to become as He is.
I am thrilled for all the emails friends have been sending me about their mission calls. I know that each one of us can be a big part of the areas where we are serving or will serve in. The stone is rolling forward and we need to prepare the world for the Lord. Get working everyone!
Elder Lee

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Area! Canto!‏

Dear friends and family,
This past week was the last week of the transfer! I got a transfer call and I am going to serve in the Markham West area with Elder Hendricks staring from Tuesday, speakingCantonese! I have been so excited since I got the news, knowing that I can finally serve in my first language and I am hoping that it will be a good change. I am going to miss Don Mills South and all the people that I have met during this time. I hope that my investigators will continue to learn and be baptized soon.
So recently, for a special reason, I grew in my motivation to serve. I am really hoping that I will always serve with all my heart and will not regret anything at the end of my mission. Time is passing by faster than I would like it to and I realize that I need to be push and stretch myself constantly to become a more worthy and trusted tool in the hands of the Lord.
So day-light savings was on Sunday. I got an extra hour of sleep and that was nice. However, Hong Kong is now 13 hours ahead of Toronto (it was 12) and if you want to chat with me you might have to stay up a little later now.
Have a good week brothers and sisters!
Elder Lee

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Canto Work‏

Dear family and friends,
This week has been an awesome week with my first Cantonese companion Elder Hendricks. We have been teaching a lot and Cantonese work is definitely going to take off in the coming weeks. We found a bunch of new investigators on the streets and we would just teach them and pray with them right there. People will stare at us when we pray out loud in public but I'm totally fine with it. It's just part of missionary work, ha-ha.

Our area is HUGE! It is the entire west half of the GTA. People up here in Markham and Richmond Hill are mostly Asian and are generally more humble than the people in the Don Mills South area. Also, teaching and contacting in Cantonese is unpredictable because I can't really tell if the person we talk to knows Mandarin or Cantonese until they respond. I would say at least 65% of them are Mandarin. I have never felt so grateful for knowing Mandarin. Poor Elder Hendricks would just have to stand on the side for those contacts though.
I met the family of Elder Aldus Wong, who I met in the MTC. They invited us for dinner and we taught a really spiritual lesson. The ward here is great because it is literally a big family. A large number of them are related and they are very helpful in doing missionary work as well.
Anyway, that is about it for this week. Hey if you have any friends that lives in Ontario please let me contact them. I know that the gospel is real and it will help people find joy in life. Amen.
Elder Lee