Monday, April 14, 2014


Dear family and friends,
This week we baptized Simon! He is from Guangzhou and we found him in front of Seneca College in December. We taught him but almost immediately, he had to go back to China for the new year and won't come back till February. So we waited for 2 months and contacted him again. Fortunately, he was still as excited to learn about the gospel as he was before. after about two more months, he was finally baptized yesterday. 
I am very happy that I had the privilege to be the one who found him and taught him and all the way to his baptism. I hope that this friendship will last long as we both go on our paths of discipleship. 
So that is the highlight of the week. We continued strong to achieve the Standards of Excellence this week even though we had to plan for the baptism. We are grateful that Heavenly Father has helped us along the way. 
In two weeks we are planning to have another baptism. I will keep you updated. 

Elder Lee



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