Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8, 2014

Dear family and friends,

This week was awesome! We didn't hit Standards but that's partly because Grace was baptized! The baptism was great. We were so busy teaching lessons. We are having fun. 

It has been a spiritual week. We had Christmas dinner at the branch and we did a nativity. I was a wise-men. We thought that it would be just alright. At the end the branch president invited all of us the "bring the good news" so dressed in costume we went out from the stage to the tables and bore our testimony. It wasn't too hard for the missionaries to do it. When the member actors (Mary and Joseph) finally stood up bore their testimony about the divinity of the Savior, it was very strong and I was so grateful that the Spirit was there. Souls were touched and hearts were changed. 

I am grateful for the priesthood. We gave several blessings this week. To missionaries and investigators. The power is real. 

The work is going good! 

Elder Lee

Grace got baptized! The elders found her on the street. She is from HangZhou and she is so prepared to receive the gospel. The baptism went really well. 

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