Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 Tam-Tam Lee-Lee

Dear family and friends,
How are you all? 

This week was great! Emily was confirmed and she was so happy afterwards. Her son Leo was there and we hope that he can follow his mom's example too someday.
This has been one of the fastest transfers I've had in the field! The transfer call came and Cantonese is splitting into two areas again. We are going to work so hard to get both areas to increase in work load. My new companion is Elder Lee from Chai Wan ward. Same stake eh? My two companions E.Tam and E.Tam are in the east side. Tam Tam Lee Lee.
We came up with an explanation that Lee-Tam and Lee-Tam would be too confusing for everyone so president clayton probably chuckled a bit when he made that decision.
Anyway, I'm excited for this transfer!
Elder Lee

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