Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Dear family and friends,

This week has been really good! We are working together in unity. We have been able to see success in the area. 

I don't really have any interesting stories this week but last week I forgot to tell you one. We were on exchanges and my temporary comp Elder Gunnell and I scheduled an appointment with a York university student named Brian. He is a less-active protestant and I was excited to teach him. We met at the library and it took us a while of walking around to find a spot. Anyway, we sat down and did the Preach My Gospel style getting to know you and ask what he wanted to learn from us. We did that and we wre about a couple seconds away from saying the opening prayer and we heard a voice, rudely, asking us if we were students. We said "no but we are with this guy and he is a student". He said "Oh, so you are lying?" He walked out saying he was gonna find security. Brian followed, we think he was too scared to get in trouble with anything. We followed and just explained the situation. At the end it turned out to be OK but we think the guy was just an offended janitor of the library that doesn't like religion. Brian left. That's my testimony that Satan knows what we're doing and tries to stop us. Amen.

We are going to the Museum today! I am excited and I am sure that I will bring you pictures this time. I probably have more stories to tell you. We'll see if I remember.

Elder Lee

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