Saturday, August 17, 2013

Letter #1- First week at the MTC!

Dear family and friends,

How are all of you? The first week at the Missionary Training Center is great! 

I arrived the Salt Lake City International Airport on Monday Afternoon. Michael and Pili picked me up and then dropped me off at the MTC. That was it! I'm not going to see any of you in the next two years. I will miss you.

So the first two days were relaxed because I was just waiting for other missionaries to come on Wednesday. My first two roommates were Elder Gouttin from France and Elder Tubban from The Philippines. It was exciting to see missionaries coming from all around the world to serve God and preach the gospel. I met my Zone Leaders on Monday. They are Elder Faber and Elder Higgs. They are going to Mongolia next week. Coincidentally, I knew both of them before their missions. Elder Faber from Bountiful High and Elder Higgs from Helaman Halls at BYU. Small world!

After two days of waiting. I got my first companion! He is Elder Hoffman. He is from the bay area of California and he is going to Berlin, Germany. He is also 19 and he went to BYU-Idaho before he came here. He reminds me a lot of my roommate from last semester, Adam Hastings. Anyway, in my roommates are Elder Hoffman, Elder Ojeda(our district leader) from Paraguay and Elder Lucerna from the Philippines. These Elders are also in my District. There are also some sisters in our district(class): Sister Nikatina from Lithuania, Sister Rodelas from Calgary, Canada and Sister Bautista from California. 

I really like spending time with international missionaries in my district and zone. It reminds me of why I am here: Enter to Learn, Go Forth and Serve. 

Classes are good but I get nervous when I try to teach (fake) investigators. However, I know that I am getting better and if I do it in Cantonese I will have more confidence.

I have been praying a lot. Everyday I wake up and pray, I pray before breakfast, lunch, dinner, classes, companionship study, meetings, before I go to bed and I do companionship inventory three times, which starts and ends with a prayer.

Through prayer, I know that God lives! He loves us and he wants us to learn the Gospel. Always have faith in him and he will bless you. 

This is probably going to be the longest letter I will send during my entire mission. Even Preparation days are very busy. 

I have to go! Good luck and may God bless you with all your endeavors.

Elder Lee
Elder Lee-me!

Our room

Me and elder lucerna

Some Elders from our zone

Me and Elder Hoffman at the temple.

Me, Elder Hoffman, Lucerna and Ojeda (left to right)

Some of our zone (sister Lau tze hei from HK!)

Elder Hoffman and I 
Some Elders from our zone

Some Elders from our zone

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