Saturday, August 24, 2013

Second week at the MTC!

Dear family and friends,

The second week here at the MTC was great! I am really starting to love it here and I'm sure I am going to miss some parts of it, especially the people I met here. 
Lots have happened this week and I don't even know where I should start... We (Elder Hoffman and I) have been teaching an "investigator". My teacher pretends to be her and we teach her lessons. Her name is Lauren and we teach her about every two days. At first the lessons  were rough. Elder Hoffman and I just didn't have any teaching experience and we were worried. Surprisingly the lesson went really well. After two lessons of teaching and helping her make commitments, Lauren finally agrees to get baptized on the third lesson after my companion and I bore our testimonies. Even though this is just a practice, I could feel the Spirit was very strong when we testified of the things that which we know are true. I was very happy that she promised to be baptized. It was an amazing feeling. 

Another thing I learned this week is to trust in the Spirit. I know that if I follow the Spirits promptings, God will put words into our mouths. We just can't fail because God is on our side. I know he loves his children and he wants every investigator to feel the Spirit and to follow Christ. I also learned to love our investigators. We should be friends with our investigator before we teach. When Lauren finally said yes to Baptism, I really felt like my sister is going to be baptized, it was amazing.

Apart from that, I have been hearing a lot of mission stories and testimonies from my teachers. I am so excited right now and to serve God. With faith, I believe I can help Him achieve marvelous things.

I have learned to develop a great relationship with my companion. We have companionship inventories three times a day and we just try to help ourselves and each other improve as much as possible. I'm going to miss him.

I would just like to tell everyone that you should never forget to pray. Just remember that our heavenly father is always there to listen to our problems. So pray! It's like calling your best friend, just talk to Him about whatever is in your mind and he will help and bless you. If you haven't prayed before, pray! Your best friends has been waiting to talk to you since the day you were born. He will be very happy to talk to you.

I'll email you again from Toronto next week. Don't forget to pray!
Elder Lee

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