Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 1 @ Toronto!‏

Dear family and friends,
I am finally out of the MTC and is now in the city of Toronto. The first thing I noticed about Toronto is the diversity. I have never seen people from so many countries before. I have been assigned to serve in the Don Mills South area until the 23rd of this month.
On the flight to Detroit, I sat next to a Catholic lady that was really friendly. She is my first contact! It was a pretty good experience and at the end I challenged her to pray about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. She promised.

My mission president and his wife are very nice and they took me to a restaurant called the Mandarin in Brampton. Afterwards, I had my interview with President Scott and headed to Don Mills South. My new companions are Elder Binford and Elder Cowley. That's right, a tripanionship! They have been great examples of me and they will answer any questions that I have.
Lenny is my first investigator I taught. He has been taught a couple times before by the Elders. He is a 56 years old Jamaican man. We are helping him to follow the Word of Wisdom and he is trying hard to quit smoking. So guess what? We taught him about the Antinephilehites burying their weapons of war and asked him to get rid of his weapons of war, cigarettes. So we put all his cigarettes, ash trays and coffee in a bag. We went downstairs and he started digging a hole in the yard. We put those things in the hole and buried them. He should be getting baptized two Sundays from now.
Lindsey is a single mom and she works late on Saturday nights. Therefore she finds it hard to go to church. We invited her to a members house and we watched the Joseph Smith movie. She felt the Spirit and I think she has a testimony that this is the true church. I bore my testimony to her and invited her to be baptized. She said yes! However, she did not set a date because it is hard for her to arrange to attend church on Sundays. Especially when members of another church takes care of her daughter on Sunday mornings. So we are still trying to help her resolve that problem.
All in all, this week has been great and I have been improving a lot. I really hope that Lenny and Lindsey would be baptized this month.
I know that I am working for no one but God. He answers our prayers and He wants everyone to be baptized so that they can live with Him again. He has prepared people for us to meet and it is up to us missionaries to find them and teach them!
Talk to you next week! Feel free to email me btw.

Elder Lee

Us at the station. Elder Cowley is the one facing the Camera

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