Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

Dear family and friends,
This week has been pretty normal. Nevertheless, we would always come home tired and ready to sleep so I didn't write in my journal. I don't quite remember what happened this week but I'll try to write them down.
We met with Lenny and Lindsey lots of times this week. Lenny was scheduled to be baptized on the 22nd. We basically contacted him everyday for the past week. He is trying really hard to stop smoking. Two days ago we took him for a  walk to the beach(of Lake Ontario) and was trying to get his mind off of smoking. Sadly, a couple hours after we left we called him and he said he gave in to temptation and smoked. After that he hasn't been answering his phone and I'm really not sure if he can be baptized this month. Lindsey, however is doing really well. Her faith is growing stronger everyday and she is very in tune with the Spirit. She is going to be great after she becomes a member of Christ's church. She is also trying to quit smoking and coffee this week.
The members of this ward has been really nice to missionaries and has fed us twice this week, plus one more tonight! It is a great feeling to know that members are involved in missionary work and that they care about us and the people we teach.
We also talked to some interesting people this week. There was this philosophy guy that claims that he argues for a living. He met him on the bus and he would not humble himself and listen to us. He went on explaining his theories for about half an hour. Just when we thought we would leave, another guy came up and claims that he has communicated with God and he told him that people are saved by just grace and not by work. We tried to explain to him that we will be judged according to our works and desires. Again, another prideful person that wouldn't humble himself unto God. The good news was that while we were talking to the second guy, a man named David came up and he was very humble and he truly wants to learn instead of arguing. We are going to contact him later and hopefully he will accept the true doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Keep praying and keep reading the Book of Mormon my friends, 'tis true.
Elder Lee

 Lindsey's last cup of coffee and last cigarette and Elder Binford...

Apparently name tag pictures are a thing

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