Monday, September 30, 2013

2nd Month in Ontario begins!‏

Dear family and friends,
How are all of you doing? How's work/school?

So my first month in Ontario ended two days ago. It was a good month. We worked hard so I feel like it went by really quick. However, it also felt very long because we did so much here. Living in the MTC seemed like a long time ago. As missionaries, we truly strive to use every second of our time wisely. There's no time to waste!
So the top news of the week is that Lindsey got confirmed! It was my first time laying hands on someone's head for confirmation in front of a congregation. It felt great and I'm excited for her. We will keep visiting her but it's going to be less than before obviously. We are going to focus more on our current investigators and Nancy is one of them.

Nancy is a super nice lady from Jamaica and she came to Canada a long time ago and she is at least 75 years old. She goes to another church and luckily their service is on Saturday. She came to sacrament meeting yesterday and I was surprised of how many member came up to her and greeted her. She felt welcomed and I think she would like to come again. She doesn't quite understand the difference between the two churches. That kind of worried me at the beginning. Then I realized that it actually makes our job easier because if she likes the members of the true church better than the false one than it'll be pretty easy for her to get baptized. Then we can teach her the real difference between the churches(i.e. priesthood), and also the how the doctrines different.
We also taught this Bengali, Muslim family yesterday. They were contacted 7 years ago and they were surprised that after all those years missionaries still keep track of them. So we taught them about the restoration and they said they would be baptized on the 27 of Oct if they find out that the Book of Mormon is true. It is going to be interesting to see.
Elder Cowley left the companionship on Tuesday and it at first it was a little weird to serve with just Elder Binford here in Don Mills North. It forced me to talk even more and it was good practice.
Also, we went to the temple on Saturday and it was neat. Temple trips are every 6 months and you have to be close to Brampton in order to go. It was a rare occasion and I am grateful for that.
Also, I looked up a map and I found out that from our balcony we can see the New York on a clear morning across Lake Ontario. So that was pretty cool.

Anyway, the work is great. I am doing fine and there is no need to worry. I am loving the missionary life and I am glad that I still have 95 weeks to do this amazing work. I know that I am doing the work of God. See you next week.

      Elder Lee

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