Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

Dear family and friends,

This week was an amazing week. On Wednesday, Elder Moore and I decided to go visit a member in the ward. He has been less-active for a a couple years and he used to go to the mandarin ward so no one in this ward know about him. We went to his door and talked with him for a little bit by his door and that was it for that day. We thought that there was nothing much we can do. On Thursday night, we were waiting at the bus stop. There was a lady walking towards me and getting in line for the same bus as we do. We began to talk with her and soon she recognized the name of the church.Then she said that her husband used to go to our church and that we probably wouldn't know him. We told her that we did! and that we have visited him the night before. We then taught her the first lesson on the bus and now we are planning to teach her. 

I am grateful that the Holy Ghost told us to visit the husband the night before. If not, we wouldn't have this special experience. Now we have a chance to help her be baptized and hopefully help them get married in the temple one day. 

So that was amazing and the Spirit was very strong even when we taught on a noisy bus.

How are you doing? Write me!

Elder Lee

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