Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014 Week 2 in Windsor‏

Dear family and friends,

The second week here was great! The area is still going through a big change right now. A lot of the people that we have been in contact with are returning to China for the Summer, including our recent convert, Sharon. So it will be a little bit harder to keep up the business. 

This week something really cool happened. We decided to "clean up" the ward list by visiting all of the less active members that were Chinese. We visited a lot of places and most of the Chinese students that has been baptised left the address already. We were pretty disappointed but we kept trying.  At the end of the day there was a name on the list: Simon. All we got about him is that he works in a store along a street. We tried a couple ones and they were all owned by non-Chinese. We were about to give up as we drove past a store. We were about to give up but suddenly a Chinese person walked out. We talked to him and confirmed that it was him. He has been lost for many years now. We talked and expressed our care for him. 

It was Heavenly Father's will right then that he will walk out of his store as we were almost going to give up. How amazing!

Anyway, that was the week. Until next time!

Elder Lee
 District! Church!
My comp E.郝

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