Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 18, 2015

Dear family and friends,

We had another good week!

On Tuesday, we went a local college to go do some finding. We felt the inspiration to go. When we got there we only got a few numbers and just a few Chinese students live there. We left but on the bus ride home, we met a Chinese man who is studying ESL at the college. He came up to say hi to me! Saying that we have met the week before in the Chinese supermarket all the way across London. I took that as the reason we felt inspired to go there that day. His name is Quinn, he and his wife Luna have been looking for a church. They have came to ESL a few times now and have bonded with some members. It is great! Please pray for them!

This week at church I have gain some new insight about faith. I figured that humility is the prerequisite to faith. We have to recognize the limited knowledge of ourselves before we can hope for true things "not understood" Alma 32:21. 

I testify that we do get revelation from church attendance!

Everything is going well. 

Elder Lee

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