Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Rewarding Week of Labor‏

Dear friends and family,
How are you all doing? Are you enjoying the new year much?

This week has been a crazy week in all aspects of missionary work. First of all, on Tuesday, the weather was so bad, with wind chill the temperature dropped to -39 C (please realize that -40 C=-40 F). That was kind of a challenge for us to talk to people on the streets but we endured through it and huge blessings came. On Saturday though the temperature went all the way up to 9 C which made me go out in just a short sleeve shirt and a jacket. According to the Toronto-nians here, I believe it won't get any colder than that this year.
In terms of missionary work, it has been an excellent week. We found a new investigator named Mandy and she came to church this week and is currently progressing. It comforts me to see how the members are so welcoming to her at church. There was also a baptismal service yesterday and I think Mandy enjoyed watching it.
We also had a couple surprises, we met with two people that are baptized but lost contact with the church since they moved to Toronto. Herman was baptized in Elder Cheng's ward (元朗) back home about ten years ago and we found him through contacting. Another one, Sarah, was baptized three years ago in Alabama and wants to go to church again. It is awesome to see how God helps us in the work because we just met them "randomly" on the streets. I know that Heavenly Father loves these children of His and desires them to live the Gospel again. That is why He arranged us to meet them.
Another good news was that we had finally taught 20+ lessons in a week, which was the first time I have ever helped achieve since the beginning of my mission. It is something that the first presidency expects from the missionaries. In fact, we taught 24 this week, I feel Heavenly Father's love and trust for us to help the area progress so quickly. We almost hit the "Standards of Excellence" this week. I am confident that we can achieve that this coming week, which will be very special to see because it will mean that Cantonese missionary work will finally be back up to where it should be.
So those are some of the exciting news for this week. I love the work and I testify that there is true joy in spreading the Gospel.
Elder Lee

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