Thursday, January 23, 2014

I gave a talk on Sunday!

Dear family and friends,
The mission is great. We have been working hard and trying to improve our area. Time certainly flies, I have spent more than 20% of my time in Canada now. I can't believe it! I feel like I have worked really hard and I have been polishing my skills. I am also determined to be more sensitive to the Holy Ghost so that I can know how I should spend the time that is ahead wisely.
Mandy is progressing and has been coming to church. I think she really likes the ward and she is going to be baptized soon. It feels great to be able to see her progress since the very first day we saw her. We also have a couple student investigators that are decently interested.

Missionary work is hard but it is so worth it.
I gave a talk on Sunday! I chose to talk about member missionary work and I think I did well. I found out that I have no fear in public speaking anymore. It just went away as we talk with so many people every day.
Any good news with all of you? Tell me about them!

Elder Lee

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