Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!‏

Dear family and friends,
Happy new year! It was a wonderful new year and we went to a members house for dinner. I cannot believe that it is 2014 already. This is THE year! I will consecrate these 365 days completely serving the Lord. I have already spent about a fifth of my mission and I really need to "forget myself and get to work."
I am very excited that school is finally starting again and we can finally work with our student investigators! This transfer will be a busy transfer inviting and helping people to be baptized and enter into that covenant.
Last transfer, we were looking at the records of people who have been taught by missionaries before and there was a record with the name Jason on it. On the record it said that he was taught almost 7 years ago and he left Toronto to Hong Kong soon after he met the missionaries. I know that the Holy Ghost had prompted me to call that number and it turned out that he had been back from HK. He expressed that he wanted to meet but that university life was very busy and we couldn't really agree on a time to meet. After a while we kind of forgot about the situation...
Yesterday after fast and testimony meeting, Elder Cheng and I was going to contact people on the streets when suddenly we got a text message. It was Jason and he wanted to meet us right then. We hurried to the place and taught him the restoration. During the lesson I really came to understand how the Lord prepares his children. Jason understood about everything we taught and he agreed to be baptized on Feb 2nd. It was truly a miracle. I testify that God gives blessings to us when we fast to show our willingness to progress spiritually. He also does mighty work in His children's heart.
So that was the exciting news for this week. Jason will soon be able to feel of God's love and the Spirit more abundantly in his life after his baptism. The gates of heaven will also be opened to him if everything goes right.
Remember my friends, I KNOW that God lives and he loves us. Amen.
Elder Lee 

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