Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 JK... Kitchener!!!‏

Dear family and friends,

I got transferred... So hold on to your packages and send it to the office...

Kitchener YSA is my new last area. President called on Wednesday morning to transfer me. My companion is Elder Forsyth and we are the zone leaders here. Elder Forsyth is a great missionary, I remember being his district leader when he was only 3 transfers old. I'm still more than twice as old as he is but he is definitely helping me to know how to be a good zone leader. 

This week has been a change because we are now doing English work. I never thought I would start in English work and I never thought I would end in English work either. Well here I am. 

We are working to build up this area more. YSA people are not so good with keeping commitments sometimes. It is so good to see the members! Especially the Chinese members here because they helped us out when I was here with my son Elder Kendell. 

We have seen tons of miracles already and we are finding amazing new people fro our area and the zone! 

Well, I'm pretty excited for the rest of the transfer.

Elder Lee

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