Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First week training‏ and Merry Christmas!

Dear family and friends,
This week has been a good week. Elder Cheng Ka-Yeung is my new companion and we are getting along really well. Elder Cheng is from Hong Kong, and he went to the Yuen-Long ward. We knew each other before our missions but now we are getting to know each other a lot better than before. He worked with missionaries for quite a bit in Hong Kong, so he started his first week like a pro. He is already very comfortable with talking to people on the streets and that makes us an effective companionship.
The weather hasn't been that good recently. Toronto was frozen by freezing rain 2 nights ago. Everything is covered by a layer of ice and it looks pretty but driving is not so fun. Power went out for some but fortunately not us. Church was cancelled which was pretty disappointing because the investigators couldn't come to church.
Anyway, the work is going well and we are shriving to be better missionaries all the time. We have already seen some miracles and it is going to keep coming.
Have a merry Christmas everyone!
Elder Lee

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