Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week #13/100‏

Dear family and friends,
How are you all?
This week that we just had was amazing. Our goal this week was to achieve the standards of excellence, which hasn't been achieved in a Cantonese area for a long time. We saw miracles that came because of the love that the Lord has for us. He cares about the work that we do.

Three weeks ago we were contacting at Seneca College and we talked to a student named Terek. He is from Fujian and he knows very little about Christianity. We got his number and we tried calling him a few times over the weeks. We could not get a hold of him. On Saturday night we were wondering who we could bring bring to church on Sunday. Since his number seems to be "dead", on Saturday we called him and decided if he doesn't pick up then we will stop trying. Surprisingly, he picked up. However, he said he was not interested. I tried harder to let him know how important our message is but he just didn't want to meet. We dropped him and decided that we would move on and never call the number again.

We kept calling some other potential investigators. Half an hour later, the phone rang. We picked up and could not believe that it was Terek. He told us that he had thought about it and he wants to meet us and come to church. We were so amazed that he had changed his mind. I know that it is the Lord that had done the work. I do not know how He did it but I can only be certain that He did. How often does someone reject you and then in such a short time call back and apologize and expresses the desire to learn from us? I'm not sure but it is the 1st time that it has happened on my mission. It is hard to believe that such courage and the humility came to him in just 30 minutes.
I know that you might think that it is just a coincidence. I do not think so. I choose to accept the fact that it is a miracle. I know that God foresees everything and because of the love that he has for us he provides help.
Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone. May all of you see little miracles in your life and thank Him for them everyday.

Elder Lee

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